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July, 2018

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President's Message: “Be open to the visions of the very young and the memories of the very old”
As a relatively new psychiatric-mental health nurse, I had the privilege of learning from a psychiatric-mental health nursing icon: Grayce Sills. I cannot overstate the amount of influence she had on my career and how I think about our profession. In a message Grayce crafted for friend Peggy Chinn’s 1987 calendar, she said that in order to create a viable future we must..."be open to the visions of the very young and the memories of the very old.” (Read More)

Nurses in Action: APNA Psychiatric Nurse of the Year and Award for Distinguished Service
The APNA Annual Awards celebrate APNA members who demonstrate excellence in psychiatric-mental health nursing. Get to know Mary Moller, DNP, ARNP, PMHCNS-BC, CPRP, FAAN, 2018 Psychiatric Nurse of the Year, and Michael Rice, PhD, APRN, FAAN, the recipient of the 2018 APNA Award for Distinguished Service. Stay tuned for profiles of the other recipients of this year's awards coming soon.

  • Meet Mary, 2018 Psychiatric Nurse of the Year: In January 1985, Mary Moller put an ad in the Omaha World-Herald: “Class on schizophrenia…anyone who is interested is welcome to come.” 55 participants, including individuals with schizophrenia, family members, and three social workers, attended that first class. (Cont'd)
  • Meet Michael, 2018 Recipient of the Award for Distinguished Service: “If we could clone Michael we could possibly rule the world,” says Jeanne Clement, who nominated Michael Rice for the 2018 APNA Award for Distinguished Service. From academic writing to research to community advocacy, Michael has inspired nurses and earned accolades. But, he says his lifetime of achievements mean one thing: “That I’m getting old,” he jokes. (Cont'd)

Member News
Randy Beckett on addressing off-label use of antipsychotics in nursing homes; Linda Beeber’s research featured in UNC’s Endeavors; Erica Castro, Rosalind De Lisser, and Cedric Thurman address mental health crisis after Sonoma County wildfires; Bernadette Melnyk selected for Women of Impact; Maria Ordonez, Barbara Posmontier, Caroline Stephens, and Matthew Tierney named to 2018 Class of Fellows of the American Academy of Nursing; Wayne Steller on the importance of psychiatric-mental health nursing graduates; Christine Tebaldi emphasizes the importance of mental health and breaking down stigma; Mary Wunnenberg incorporates trained actors in student training on suicide prevention. Learn More

Ask the Experts: Pediatric Suicide Risk Assessment & NP Clinical Placements
In this article, two APNA 32nd Annual Conference presenters talk about what they'll present this October in their mini concurrent sessions, Addressing Disturbing Trends in Pediatric Suicide: Collaborative EBP Project Utilizing a Suicide Risk Assessment in the Emergency Department and Educator Challenges to Facilitate Nurse Practitioner Student Clinical Placement. Remember to register by September 10th to save with Early Bird rates! Click here for your conference program sneak peek.

The Importance of Mental Health Research
As chairs of the APNA Research Council. Jane Mahoney and Danny Willis know the value of evidence-based practice and the critical role research plays within it. Here, they provide insight into the importance of mental health research, how it helps underserved populations, and what questions they'd like to see answered by research. See what they said.

2018 Elections: Don't Forget to Vote!
Did you know it only takes a few minutes to help shape the future of your association? Cast your vote now in the 2018 APNA Elections and select your next President-Elect, Treasurer, Member-at-Large, and 2019 Nominating Committee. Elections close on August 20, so vote now!

Investing in the Future of PMH Nursing
Two APNA programs that benefit emerging PMH nurses have just announced this year’s recipients: The APNA Board of Directors Student Scholarship and the APNA Research Grants Program. This year, 30 undergraduate/prelicensure and graduate nursing students will receive a trip to the APNA Annual Conference and a year’s complimentary APNA membership. View the recipients here. The APNA Research Grants Program is funding the work of 3 up and coming nurse researchers. Learn more about them here.

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New Members: 463 New Members since May!

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Issues & Events

A workgroup convened by the Alzheimer’s Association has developed 20 recommendations for physicians and Advance Practice Nurses for more timely and accurate Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis and improvement in patient care. Full Story

National Quality Partners (NQP) announced the launch of a new initiative to improve the quality of care for the millions of Americans with serious mental illness. The opportunity to participate in this new initiative, the NQP™ Serious Mental Illness Action Team, is open to NQF Members. The NQP Serious Mental Illness Action Team is a forum for NQF members to engage, share, and learn from one another on a topic of national importance. Click here to learn more.

By measuring the connections of the brain’s superior temporal cortex to other brain regions, a machine-learning algorithm successfully identified schizophrenia patients with 78% accuracy as part of a study that looked at functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of newly diagnosed schizophrenia patients, previously untreated schizophrenia patients and healthy subjects. It also predicted with 82% accuracy whether or not a patient would respond positively to the antipsychotic drug risperidone, reported PsychCentral.com. Full Story

Researchers have developed a statistical algorithm that identifies patients who may best respond to antidepressants — before they begin treatment, reported PsychCentral.com. Investigators from McLean Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, used data from a recently completed multi-site clinical trial called Establishing Moderators and Biosignatures of Antidepressant Response in Clinical Care (EMBARC). Full Story

Nurses Service Organization in collaboration with CNA has published Nurse Professional Liability Exposures: 2015 Claim Report Update as well as the 4th Edition of the Nurse Practitioner Claim Report. NSO published a Spotlight Report focusing on their analysis and risk recommendations regarding one of the most significant topics from the claim reports: behavioral health. Full Story

The American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP), Columbia University - Division of Substance Abuse, and The Christopher D. Smithers Foundation are holding a one-day symposium highlighting the latest evidenced-based research and clinical practices in the prevention and treatment for adolescents and young adults suffering from substance use disorders. The symposium, Building a Bridge from Research to Treatment, will be held on Oct. 19 in New York City. Click here for details.


In a request for information announced July 13, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services asked whether providers and suppliers should be required to tell patients, in advance, how much a given healthcare service will cost out-of-pocket. If the agency were to move forward with a price transparency requirement on physician practices, it could prove controversial. Many doctors say they themselves lack the training they would need to have effective conversations about how much the healthcare services they provide will ultimately cost patients, reported HealthLeaders.com. Full Story


America's so-called mental health czar, Elinore McCance-Katz, MD, PhD, assistant secretary for mental health and substance use in the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), is pushing forward with her commitment to help develop initiatives focused on both substance abuse prevention and severe mental illness, including overseeing a new grant awarded to the American Psychiatric Association (APA). A recent MedScape article takes a look at the projects currently gaining traction. Full Story

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